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GO Cards

GO Cards are prepaid cards much like credit cards, that can be used in any Mobil station for gas, food, or other merchandise.  Available in dollar amounts of $10, $25, $50, and $100, they offer an easy way to give employees, family, and friends a gift that is never going ignored or misused.  Everybody needs fuel and snacks at some point, and this guarantees them gas money.

Consider for:

  • Business Travel
  • College Students
  • Teen Drivers
  • Last Minute Gifts
  • Simplicity!


Speedpass makes life easy for businesses and individuals to pay their fuel needs quickly and securely.  Speedpass utilizes a keychain key fob with an embedded RFID chip.  This RFID unique identifier is then linked in our systems to a credit card, making payment and tracking easy.  Your credit card is never at the pump, can't be dropped or copied, and is stored in Exxon Mobil's secure database.

Company or family vehicles can fill up anytime at any Speedpass enabled station and will be billed from one central account of your choosing.  For more information, visit the Speedpass website.