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Propane Safety - What If I'm Out?

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Sometimes it can be tough to know when you are out of propane.  The following image is of the propane tank "liquid level gauge" that is installed on every ANSI approved tank either above ground or below ground.  Call us when it gets in the red <20% range!

Most have a red colored section starting at the 20% mark.  We generally strive to fill the tank when it gets down to between the 20-30% range.  For safety and to comply with regulations, we fill tanks to the 80% mark.  With 80% considered the useful 'top' of the tank, every 20% is actually a quarter of your usable propane.  If it took you 3 weeks to get down from a full tank to the 20% range, then you've got roughly another week to go when  you hit 20%.

If your tank is below 20%, please call or order online right away to avoid an outage situation.  Please tell our staff that your propane tank is low and let them know the percentage.  We will do our best to get you within the next day or two so that you don't run out.

To add more confusion, these gauges are magnetic in nature.  They can be thrown off by electromagnetic fields generated by power lines, large equipment, Magnetite, Taconite, or other iron rich rock formations.  Along the tri-county area that we service, we seem to have a lot of those abnormalities.

Occasionally the liquid level gauge sticks in a certain position as the propane is used up.  This can be obvious when the gauge reads the exact same level for several days straight.  Giving the tank a moderate shake can usually loosen it and provide an accurate reading.

All reports of outages are treated, for safety reasons, as being caused by a leak.  If you let your tank run out, we cannot assume that it ran out naturally, and must perform leak tests and inspections to guarantee the integrity of the system and that it is safe to put back into operation.  Please see our 'I smell Propane' page.

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